Passion and Presence
Sexual Enrichment For Couples

As a Certified Sex Therapist, I help couples renew, restore or deepen their erotic connection. I have developed a series of couple’s retreats and webinars that help couples create a more passionate, engaged, and heart-full love relationship.

My mission is to help couples find loving ways to deal with the real life challenges of long-term erotic coupling. I will show you how mindfulness can help you access your erotic potential and support your unfolding and deepening as a couple.

You can view videos, listen to interviews, or join us for our upcoming mini-retreat (link), Erotic Presence for Pleasure, Connection, & Growth.


Here’s what people are saying:

“The tools we have gained over the past year have allowed us to face life circumstances as a team vs. separate and further wounded. It has allowed more compassion and passion as a couple. We are most grateful.”


“We’ve been friends for 19 years, and lovers for 11, and we’re seeing each other in new ways. We came home with a strong feeling of connectedness and a renewed sexual spark.”