My Approach

I believe that you and I have the intelligence, wisdom, and capacity to heal and grow. However, sometimes our early life experiences generate beliefs that limit our ability to experience pleasure, connection, satisfaction, safety, and worth. These experiences are not just “in the past,” they continue to shape our behavior and are archived in our bodies.
As an experiential psychotherapist, I listen empathically to your concerns while also looking for ways to help you observe these imprints during our sessions. Towards that end, I may ask you to repeat a gesture or study an involuntary movement to bring your early learning into consciousness. We will also co-create “little experiments” to trigger the very feelings that are troubling you so we can better understand what is shaping your reactions.
This way of working is deeper than reflective listening or problem-solving. Once you get the hang of it, you are likely to look forward to what emerges in our sessions. All that is required is curiosity about your internal world and a desire to establish a fuller connection to yourself.

My approach is especially helpful if you are:

  • Grieving a change in your circumstances or the loss of an important relationship.
  • Deciding whether to remain in a relationship or not.
  • In a transition that is inviting you to reexamine your identity, beliefs and life path.
  • Wanting to recover a sense of choice, even in the face of physical, financial and other limitations.
  • Longing to revitalize passion in your relationship or find a safe place to explore sexual desires and fears.
  • Having trouble managing your emotions and moods, including anxiety and depression.
  • Looking for ways to manage stress, rather than by over-eating, drinking, or escaping through TV.
  • Wanting a better, more attuned relationship to your body.
  • Wanting to become more compassionate towards yourself and others.
  • Wanting to understand your feelings and behaviors, particularly those that run counter to your view of yourself or prevent you from reaching your goals.

To explore your deeper self, you have to feel safe with me.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Sex Therapist, and a Certified Hakomi Therapist and Trainer. Hakomi is a mindful somatic psychotherapy that gently accesses the psychic structures that shape our experiences. I have extensive training in Somatic Experiencing, energy psychology, and coaching, and can comfortably accompany you into many different realms of exploration.

I recommend sampling a session or two before deciding if we’re a good fit.

Please note that because of my travel and training schedule I am not doing trauma therapy or providing crisis management.

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