Training and Consultation


As a Certified Hakomi Trainer, I provide consultation to students of Hakomi who want to refine their skills or pursue certification. I also do case consultation with more seasoned practitioners. I pay particular attention to how your adaptive strategies both help and hinder your work with your clients. I want to help you have more ease and satisfaction using the Hakomi method and to support the on-going development of your personhood.

Most of my sessions are virtual, using software that allows us to speak and simultaneously view session tapes. My Practice Manager will give you information on how to schedule an appointment using my online calendar (

Hakomi Training Programs

I began my training in Hakomi in 1985 and joined the Hakomi faculty in 2001. I am currently the Lead Trainer of Hakomi Mallorca and frequently teach in Helsinki, Finland. For many years, I was the Lead Hakomi Trainer in North Carolina and was also part of trainings in Atlanta and Minnesota.

Current Training Schedule

Hakomi Professional Training – November 10th, 2020

Hakomi Professional Training – July 16th, 2022