Feedback for Maci Daye

“Thank you for your presence in this world and your light. I so appreciate your brilliance and your wisdom and your attunement to everything. You catch it all and really track and show up fully. You are in service of transformation.”

“I want to discover your secret for being so warm and present and engaged and delighted, while also seeing and articulating difficult concepts in simple and digestible facts or metaphors. Made the work feel less like work, less effort.”

“I feel gratitude for your wisdom, eloquence, and insight about the model. I’ve really appreciated your modeling around navigating some tricky interpersonal terrain with real integrity and presence (heart). Some of your insights and reflections, especially about dancing between the different layers of content and process felt really valuable in my learning process. I wish we had more time together as I still feel like I’m getting a sense of you. Thanks so much for welcoming us to your beautiful home. I felt really cared for by you in all your pre-communications and preparations over many months.”

“You are amazing. Thanks for your precision and clarity, one of my favorite things about you. You really go for it when you see it and for me that’s a big gift. Really appreciate the feedback and close engagement.”

“I just loved your very specific feedback, especially looking at the larger system and themes!”

“I love seeing this work through your lens. Your systemic perspective has been so valuable. The many layers of all you are tracking and the maps you are applying has added such depth and richness to my understanding. My curiosity and fascination are so enlivened.”

“I simply love you! The intimate intelligence you have for both the nuanced human and the nuanced Hakomi Method support true development in me as a Hakomi practitioner. You provide roots and wings. And most importantly you provide the path to touch the most pivotal touch points in the client to allow and support and facilitate the healing that each individual seeks, in that private place of their heart.”

“I so appreciated your capacity to hold each one of us as therapist and as client with great clarity and 100% no- wrong stance.”

“I especially appreciated your clarity about zooming out to see the system at work. Your delight in each person and all that shows up, as well as your exquisite attention to the group, allow my system to settle, relax and learn.”

“Wow! I so loved your presence and style of working. You really helped me to understand the nuances of the method by breaking it down as it was happening. Your style of teaching works really well for me. I love how you illuminated working with the system.”

“Incredible strength focusing in on the details of character and what the themes were in the session. I found great value in your expertise and heart.”

“I felt totally held and not judged by Maci. A benevolent presence. Felt like a mother eagle watching over her brood.”

Feedback for Melissa Grace

It was so wonderful to feel you and land with you. I felt gotten by you, and received reflections that helped me to know myself more fully in subtle new ways. I appreciate how you deeply embody both warmth and power. The way you hold space organically leads to a very deep dropping in together.

Thank you for your deep witnessing of me and insightful support around my growth edges. You have an incredible gift for being laser-sharp precise, and being gentle, thoughtful, and kind all at the same time. Much appreciation for helping me open new doorways in myself as a person and a therapist, and for introducing me to some new layers of Hakomi.

I appreciate your feedback style – very succinct and specific on the positives, and then ready to bring ‘character’ stuff in a direct, loving and caring way. All of that felt extremely holding. I felt very held by you on my journey.

Love your wisdom, experience, presence and feedback.

The way you embody this work is incredibly inspiring to me. I felt so deeply seen, held and supported by you. I love to watch you work so much.

The way you honor each person so deeply and use your body to track experience is amazing. I love the depth of your knowledge with the method, and how fully you embody it – both the intuitive and the systematic methodological parts – is beautiful and inspiring.

It has been an honor to work with you Melissa, and to fall in love with you as well. I so appreciate how you held my inquiry into my vulnerableness. You spoke with me and showed me your commitment to hang out in the unknown with me. I felt you take me seriously and my needs seriously – with clarity, spaciousness and poignancy.

I feel like you see through us all so well and with such love.

You attuned to the speed (so slow) of what my system could tolerate and really paid attention to contact with me. This made it possible for me to come back when I went away. What stands out for me and what made me feel safe and welcome was experiencing your true desire to ‘get’ each person as a therapist and to work collaboratively in support of our learning.

Precise targeting and kind management of the therapists’ process. I like the sharing of her experience as a therapist herself – both successes and challenges.

Feedback about the event

Soller/Mallorca were amazing and so healing!  After this week I feel really drawn to doing more supervision trainings. I see the power of this format.

Deep appreciation for Maci and Melissa’s skills at finding ways to share difficult material and feedback in digestible amounts, within frames that depersonalize the behaviors, and offer the receiver a new view of themselves that they can honor and embrace.  This makes me cry and I want more.

Masterful work that included fun and connection.

The beautiful setting of Mallorca, and the mastery, authenticity and playfulness of Maci and Melissa, combined with the elegant and efficient Hakomi Method combined to create a rich, intense and healing journey for me.

I’ve gotten a tremendous amount from this training, both personally and professionally, and feel deep gratitude.

What a nourishing place for a week of Hakomi, with two brilliant trainers and a really beautiful and inspiring group of colleagues.  Lots of gems to bring home. I’m very much looking forward to more opportunities to learn from and spend time with you both.

Thank you for a magical island experience!!  The town of Soller and the venues were amazing.  I have a strong wish to return for more Hakomi learning.  Yay for Hakomi Global Mallorca!

Thanks for the gift of the two of you. Holding deep gratitude for the process you held and allowed to happen.

So much happened for me developmentally. Threads that were waiting to be picked up got picked up.  I feel torpedoed along my path – in a very good way.  Threads that were just waiting for attention got touched and unknotted.  Thanks also for the Hakomi learning experience. I have much more clarity and cohesion about the method, which I had been hoping to receive.

I love that this training was in Soller – a place so oriented toward sensual pleasure.  I love both the trainers and your very different and complementary perspectives.  I loved the incredibly supportive energy of the group.  It was such a deep learning and growing experience for me. I felt so held and encouraged to work my edges.

This training was a profoundly supportive and inspiring experience for me!

I love your beauty and the depth of experience you both bring to the fine weave of the workshop fabric as well as the presence and care for the group container. You held each of us with that delicate balance of seeing and strengthening what has already ripened in us as Hakomi practitioners and holding the connection to our edgy places that allows for real growth.  Precious and exquisite – thank you!

I love the balance of learning, the location, nature, housing, and schedule.  The safety created by Melissa and Maci allowed people to really show their vulnerability and deepen their processes as both clients and therapists.

Wonderful all around!! Location is fantastic.  Please leave it here in Soller, where we can walk and shop and be in the midst of Soller life.

What stands out is how grateful I am that you are sharing Hakomi at this new depth, and that you’re sharing so much of yourselves as you continue to develop it. It feels very alive and exciting, and so much more than just the method.  It is inviting all of us into the fullness of being and it feels nourishing to feel my own yes and everyone else’s yes.

I loved being in Soller! Such a perfect location, and really perfect training.  I’m not quite sure what I expected – learning more I guess – but I certainly got more than I ever expected.

This was a profound experience for me. I’ve attended many Hakomi trainings, but this one had the deepest effect, both professionally and personally.  Combining this work with the beauty and embrace of Mallorca made it tremendously nourishing. I can’t say enough good things about these two trainers!