Video Sessions

Wecounsel is a HIPPA compliant video software that allows me to safely meet with my psychotherapy clients virtually (Hakomi consultation clients, please scroll to the bottom of the page).

Accept the Invitation from me and Wecounsel. You will be directed to set your password, enter your timezone and agree to the Terms and Conditions. You must register on the Wecounsel site before I can schedule a video session with you. Here are the registration instructions:

1. Download Mozilla. This is the browser recommended by Wecounsel and it does seem to greatly improve connectivity.

2. One time download of the Video Plugin.

3. Restart your browser

4. Log into Wecounsel.

5. Check into your session and hit start session. Once I see that you are online, I will do the same. Please use earbuds or headphones for video calls.

6. At the top of the screen, you will see a circle beside my name. If the circle is green, I am online. If it is red, I am not “in the room” yet.

7. There is a chat dialog box that we can use throughout the process.

You will get a reminder sent to you an hour before your session with a link to your video session or you can simply log in and under “Upcoming Sessions” you will find the button to check into your video session. Once you have checked into the room and can see that I have checked in (indicated by the green light), wait approximately 20-30 seconds before clicking “Start Session”.

I have included the following videos for you to watch before your session. These videos will help get you aquatinted with Wecounsel.

In Person Sessions

I have two offices in Georgia and it is important to know that from Monday to Thursday, I meet at the Thrive Center for Psychological Health which can be found at 111 N.McDonough St in Decatur, Georgia.

Friday and Saturday, I meet at the Arts and Professional Building in Suite D at 165 Dekalb Industrial Way.

Hakomi Supervision Session

I meet with my Hakomi consultation clients via Zoom. Zoom is a video conferencing service that allows us to watch videos together in real time. You don’t need to download zoom, all you have to do is click on the link that I will send you the day before our session. Below are videos I recommend you watch ahead of time that will orient you to Zoom.